Exway Canadian Launch

Exway Canadian Launch


Its Spring 2019 and we're excited to see Exway Canada make its new home in Toronto! Presently the Exway Canada team is small and we have a ton of work ahead of us. While the site is coming along, and we have established our first partnership with the best longboardcentric skate shop in the city, we are also gearing up to attend the FITC digital media conference at the Hilton April 29th, 30th, and May 1st. ( Monday to Wednesday). We are deep into digital multimedia, and really hope to apply everything we got to help Exway Canada reach its full potential.

We are seeing the rise of personal electric vehicles, and as skateboarders, we are pretty much ahead of it. The ability to competently ride a skateboard  opens up what we think of as the best option for personal transportation. Our hope is that the X1 and its evil twin, the X1 Pro, will fill the niche of high end performance within the market. For us, its about getting to where you need to go, doing it conveniently, and then doing it in killer style and ultra performance.

As the weather gets warmer, stay tuned for updates on how our team is doing. Some things on our to do list include, introducing our team riders, planning our presence and support of local skate communities, and even our first Esk8 event. Perhaps the most exciting thing however is the arrival of the X1 Pro in mid to late May, as well as a restock of the X1 at that same time.



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