Exway Clear 2nd generation urethane UPDATED monthly

Exway Clear 2nd generation urethane UPDATED monthly

The Exway clear 2nd generation urethane has been out for a while now. And we on the Exway Canada team are about to put it to the test. This second generation formula boasts a significantly higher resiliency and should result in much longer longevity on the road. As well this particular set of racing wheel is stone ground for better performance right out of the package, requiring no "breaking in". For our test we will run a set of these wheels and PU covers on an X1 Pro Hub configuration. The only modifications here are seismic blue 90a bushings on the back truck and a cosmetic matte black hubcaps ( which does not affect performance). As it is now, here is the set up, before having touched any pavement.

odometer read out on X1 Pro pre urethane test

As you can see we are starting out this trial at 969.4km, we will try to update this post as the weeks go by, with images and short reports on the condition of these wheels.

rear PU covers 2nd gen clear urethane

all four clear wheels displayed

Please feel free to leave comments regarding urethane on this post. As well please send us images of your thane and kms ridden so we can start a general rider contributed reference for thane wear and tear.

Ok here we go!


 August 20th 2019

10 days and 115.6km later

screen readout of x1 pro app

So about 100km of Toronto downtown street riding, most typically very aggressively. Ripping start ups, hard braking and a fair amount of drifting ( glove down slides). Ride setting is always on gear 4 with Turbo feature engaged.

As well contributing to the 100km was this weekend's special group ride.

This weekend was one of Toronto's two biggest esk8 group rides at an event called "open streets TO" parts of Bloor st. and Yonge st. were closed off to traffic exposing some of Toronto's typically horrible street conditions. Yonge st. in particular is full of pot holes, cracks, sharp rocks and uneven pavement. While I typically avoid Yonge st. we did ride it this weekend.

Group shot of open streets TO esk8 group ride

Man, look at those huge cracks in the road on this group shot of the ride at Yonge and Bloor st.

Performance wise, the thane grips just as good as previous formulations, not too much difference. Power slides and drifting was very good though this may be due to the stone ground surface. Over all I like this wheel, it feels and behaves well.

In terms of road wear, the rear PU covers picked up some minor cuts, nothing that seemed unreasonable given the abuse, but there was one deep slice along the inner surface. These are the cuts that are most worrisome as they can develop into chunks that come off. The image below only depicts where there is slight road wear. I didn't show other parts of the wheel where really there was no damage. The other rear cover also had some nicks in the center of the wheel ( the most worry free place to catch nicks) but nothing like the cut you see in the image below.

rear PU cover for the x1 pro showing a big cut

other PU cover showing minor nicks in the center of the wheel

The nicks in the wheel above may seem worse than it is due to the lighting effects of the clear urethane, but this didn't bother me as much as the cut on the edge of in the first image.

The front wheels, given that they do not transfer power, were virtually free of any damage but this is not unusual.

front wheel with little damage if any

As you can see, the thane kept its clarity with no yellowing. These wheels have been wiped off for the photos. No matter how dirty they get, they always look more or less like this after you wipe them down.

other front wheel showing little if any damage

This is the other front wheel, once again showing little if any damage. Love the stone ground surface!

I will glue up that small flap in the first image using

Lepage 100 percent repair gel ( I've never tried this product before so let's see if its any good)

Lepage 100percent repair gel


Slight nicks and cuts, one deep cut on the inner edge of one rear wheel.

Performance is great, good grip, and good sliding!

Thane remains fairly clear despite dirt or mud or pretty much anything.

So check back to this blog post in another 10 days for the next update!


Sept 20th

40 days  and now 416km (since start) later

screenshot of exway app

So another 300 km on top of the last report, the wheels are definitely holding up better than Gen 1 , take a look.

As well the Lepages repair gel sucks, don't use it. Instead, for flaps of thane still hanging on , super glue would work for sure. With the Gen 2 wheels it seems hardly necessary as the one flap that was cut into these wheels near the beginning of this blog seemed to hang in there even without superglue, but flaps lead to chunks so for peace of mind we used superglue and that worked.

gen 2 exway clear race wheel condition after 1 month

gen 2 exway clear race wheel condition after 1 month

Same nick as from the last report. So DO NOT use the lepage repair glue, it simply doesn't work. This nick stayed in place thanks to super glue, it kind of works. This is what that nick looked like after an additional 300 km put on after it first formed. Super glue was used.

gen 2 exway clear race wheel condition after 1 month

And the fronts as usual next to no damage as they don't transfer power.

Ok that's it for this report, looking forward to the next, so far so good on the Gen 2s!



Not really many new nicks and cuts. Small flap from before remains but has not gotten worse. Overall the condition of the wheels this time have not changed much since the last report despite the additional kms ridden.

At this stage we are already recommending these wheels for durability, and me personally recommending them for the pre stone ground surface!











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