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"Contitech" Replacement drive belts for the RIOT 1 and 2 (X1 series decks and Flex respectively) drive system engineered in Germany by Continental. Drive belts inevitably snap due to wear from various road conditions and stress from tension. Exway has selected "Contitech" belts as the standard for the Riot system considering performance, longevity and reliability. All Exway RIOT decks ship with one extra set of belts.

Good enough for a Porsche, most certainly good enough for the Porsche of esk8.

Be sure to always do pre and post ride checks and proper maintenance on your RIOT system to ensure top performance of your belt drive.

Model: P5MBrand: Continental (Germany)
Spec:   HTD255-5M-12mm

Package Includes:
Belt ×2

X1 PRO - belts are available for regular order

FLEX - belts not available at this time, all orders will be back orders to be filled near the end of summer, further details to come. Unlike the X1 Pro, the Flex ships only with one set of belts installed.