Boutique Rollin logo card

Boutique Rollin

3119 Hochelaga Street, Montreal, Quebec H1W 1G3

Right next to the Préfontaine Subway station
and Préfontaine Skatepark

(514) 564-8640
Toll Free at 1-855-668-6969


---Winter Hours

Monday: 10h00-19h00
Tuesday: 10h00-19h00
Wednesday: 10h00-19h00
Thursday: 10h00-21h00
Friday: 10h00-21h00
Saturday : 10h00-17h00
Sunday : 11h00-17h00

After a successful launch of the X1 Pro in the summer of 2019, we have discovered a large support base for exway products in Quebec. Naturally we responded by establishing a power base there and we are privileged and stoked to have partnered up with Boutique Rollin. A power base is probably the best way to put it. Boutique is an "ultimate" level skate shop stocking everything a skater could need with a service centre to make sure that exway riders have a place to pick up and drop off repairs and new riders have a chance to go for a test ride on exway boards. Be sure to call ahead first, but one way or another, check them out!

inside shot of Boutique rollin skate shop in montreal

Picture of Jean Francois and Julien standing behind the counter at Boutique Rollin


Longboard Haven

183 Queen St. East Toronto, Ontario M5A 152

416 603 9702


---Winter Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12h00-19h00
Wednesday: 12h00-19h00
Thursday: 12h00-19h00
Friday: 12h00-19h00
Saturday: 12h00-19h00
Sunday: 12h00-18h00



We are proud to have Longboard Haven in Toronto as our flagship store. Longboard Haven is a pillar of the Toronto skate community and has a deep history and connection to the world of professional and competitive longboarding. As such, we understand that a shop like Longboard Haven has a responsibility, and reputation in the Toronto skate scene and always guides each rider with genuine knowledge and experience. These are folks that not only sell you your equipment, but are also there drafting you on your hill bombs. All of these core values are encapsulated in their philosophy:

"If We Won't Ride It, We Won't Stock It."

We at Exway Canada are excited to have found a home at LBH, and now you know why. Head on over to LBH to learn more about Exway products, and go for a test ride!

picture of Rob and chicken from Longboardhaven