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Due to ongoing supply chain issues, stock of the Max is extremely limited at this time. While are stock is holding we are working hard to further increase availability. ( last updated Nov. 3rd 2021)


Skater riding an X1 Max

Approaching esk8 from downhill long boarding, the X1 Max represents that latest evolution of this concept. As the focus of most other esk8 remains on raw specs for distance and speed, the skateboard portion of the build is often an after thought and the esk8 begins to look and feel less and less like a skateboard.

Always Skate minded the X1 Max is the down hill deck that makes the hill optional and is the DH skaters esk8.

The Max adds to its predecessor, a 20 percent battery increase, heat forged and CNC Exway Trist trucks, more efficient and powerful motors, and further refinements in design.

X1 Max-Riot Specs*


Weight:7.9Kg  (Hub 7.6Kg)

Top Speed:45Km/h


Hill Climbing:30% 

Charging Time:1.8H (Quick Charger)/5H (Standard Charger)

Max Load:100Kg

Warranty: 6 (Six) Months

* specs are the same for both variants unless specified

The X1 Max ships with

  • The deck either RIOT or HUB version (not both)
  • Standard charger including AC power cable
  • Remote throttle
  • Type C - USB cable ( to charge the remote)
  • one Allen key
  • one skate tool
  • paper documentation