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Product update: The X1 has been discontinued and is no longer in production. The X1 is still fully supported and remains an awesome deck with unique features but is being replaced in our product line by the Flex. We may have a few left but once sold out, we will have no more coming. We will leave this product page up for a while longer as it showcases many features that later became the foundations for the X1 pro and may prove to be insightful for riders.


The X1 represents the original downhill inspired design geared towards street performance.

Never just a last mile solution, the Exway X1 electric skateboard approaches Esk8 as a standalone mode of transportation and prioritizes the riding experience. Weighing in at 6.4kg, this dual-hub motor electric skateboard is one of the most powerful boards on the market for its weight. The X1 tops out at 40km/h, has enough torque to handle hills of up to 30% grade and gives you a 16km range on a single charge.


Performance wise, the X1 platform was designed around high speed and downhill longboarding, as such it features a slight hourglass cut, subtle concave, and a low flex, responsive deck. While competing designs on the market feature flexible decks, this limits performance by making the the ride less responsive and sketchy at higher speeds.

Design wise, the X1 has been built from the ground up to house all of its technological components inside the thin build of its composite deck. The deck itself is made of Canadian maple, bamboo, fiberglass and carbon fiber. The deck has a 10mm radial concave depth and 24cm width. The military grade outer coating protects the belly of the board in the same way undercoat sprays protect the underside of cars in the winter. The final overall look of the X1 represents a concept refined and leaves the world of showing off and exposing your battery pack, and battery controller. Style matters and the X1 keeps it clean and protected, perfect for masquerading as a regular downhill longboard.

Remote Throttle

The wireless throttle features a real time speedometer and battery level indicator on an OLED display with vibrating feedback for "no look" alerts.  There are four gear settings to cover novice riders to veterans. The app allows for full customization of each gear which can be tailored to prioritize, distance, speed, power or all round. 

The throttle has been ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of the hand subtly and comfortably. The grip is coated with a slip resistant rubber like soft plastic finish.


Max Speed: 40 km/h (25 MPH)

Max Climbing Grade: 30%

Range: Up to 16.09 km (10 miles)

Weight: 6.35kg / (14 LBS)

Torque: 4.2Nm x2

Max Power: 1000w x2

Rated Power: 500x x2

Rated Charger Power: 75 watts

Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Battery Capacity: 120Wh

Charging Time: Approx 2hrs with the standard charger and 35 min with the fast charger.

Output voltage: 5V 1.5A

Trucks: Seismic Aeon 45 degree

Grip Tape: Waterproof

Braking Mode: Regenerative Braking

Waterproof Rating: IP55

Warranty: 6 months

Exway X1 comes with:

Exway X1, R1 remote, standard charger, stock 80mm wheels ( 2 front wheels, 2 polyurethane hubmotor sleeves), an extra set of rear 83mm PU Sleeves, skate tool, and manual.  Our comprehensive APP is available on Android and IOS which allows the rider to change modes, set acceleration curves, power outputs, and customize riding levels and style.