Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery

Exway Canada has its warehouses in Toronto to serve Canadian customers exclusively with fast and responsive service and delivery.

We are now able to confirm and ship out products that you need in a much more expedient way, locally within Canada usually within 24-48 hours.


Reference for shipment from Toronto within Canada:

The information below may be affected by extenuating circumstances and represent a general estimate on any given day

British Columbia: 5- 8 days

Ontario: 2-8 days

Quebec: 2-8 days

All other provinces: 3-8 days


Shipping policy for warranty and service

Shipping both ways is generally covered for warranty service outside of Toronto.  For riders in Toronto, a local drop off location is offered in lieu of shipping which provides a much faster turn around and reduced chance of delays related to shipping. For all shipping details, please contact rider support.


Exway Canada restocking shipment path from Shenzhen to Canadian warehouse:

  1. Exway HQ sends shipments to our forwarder's warehouse in Shenzhen where shipping labels are created
  2. The forwarder sends our shipments to their HongKong airports to be loaded on an airplane
  3. The airplane lands in a Canadian airport for custom clearing (usually fast but was a major point of failure triggered by pandemic protocols in 2019-2022)
  4. UPS/DHL picks up the shipment from the airport and scans the label, only at this moment Exway Canada is able to see the update from the courier website.
  5. The shipment then moves to the Exway Canada warehouse by UPS/DHL trucks.
  6. Exway can only track restock shipments once they are scanned by the local courier picking up from the airport. Exway is unable to track the  shipment from the moment it is released to the forwarder's warehouse to the moment the shipment is release from customs in Canada

    Logistics contractors and couriers

    Exway uses UPS/DHL/Canada post and other local logistics companies for delivery services throughout the supply chain.

    Riders can check their shipping status via the tracking provided on each order. Riders can also track items via ROUTE and its app if the ROUTE package insurance feature is used. It is heavily recommended for deck orders especially during major disruptions. Updated logistics tracking info can be accessed via the ROUTE app. If the courier loses a package, please contact us( and we will try our best to help, however if ROUTE insurance is not used or active on an order, lost or stolen packages have little if any recourse. Small items may not need ROUTE as the courier automatically insures packages up to 100 CAD, order of value over 100 dollars are recommended to use ROUTE, which is set to be active by default.