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Exway skateboards are divided into 4 classes with variants within each:

Flex - general starting point for Electric longboards. Enjoyed by riders of every experience level, the Flex represents a particularly good place to start if this is your first electric skateboard due to its design as well as its price for feature value.
Wave - Exway's entry in the cruiser short board category.
X1 series - Exway's signature downhill design and concept. Simple, subtle/steathy, elegant and performance very much like that of a downhill deck. Best deck for sliding and drifting.
Atlas occupies the 30lb plus category and covers All Terrain riding by providing many options simply non existent on competing decks in this category.

Flex - your first deck

The Exway Flex introduces the most cost-effective and feature rich package, with a maximum
range of 27km/17miles, a swappable battery pack and seamless
interchangeable drive trains.


X1 MAX - Downhill all the time

TheX Series boards are designed to inspire the future form of electric
skateboards. Packed within the sleek, light, and integrated form factor
is an ultra-performance, stunningly smart, highly portable electric
Enjoy a maximum speed of 45kph/28mph and a maximum range of 30km/18miles.
An esk8 that rides like a downhill deck.


Atlas Carbon- go anywhere

The Exway Atlas is a high-performance, all-purpose, modular electric skateboard. Easily swap between a smooth dual motor drivetrain and ultra-powerful quad motor monster drivetrain.

Ultimate level customization options never before seen.


The all new Atlas Pro

What does no compromise design look like in 2023? 7000W of power in 4WD. 170km of range via AUX pack. Compatibility with the new Exway Kilowatt charger and exhaustive list of refinements. Released late 2022 the Atlas pro is available now, shipping from Toronto. Watch the video on the order page for the full breakdown.