Q: Where is Exway from is it a Canadian company?

A: Exway Canada is an extension of Exway Global from Shenzen the tech capital of China. We exist to serve Canadians exclusively providing an improved service and turnaround for riders in Canada eliminating the need to communicate and or send items back and forth across the world. Our boards represent the new wave of high end products designed and made in China. Exway Canada is based in Toronto and has a warehouse from which products and parts are shipped to Canadians riders.

Q: Who is Exway Canada?

A: The Exway Canada team is comprised of skateboarders with backgrounds in engineering and technology from and living in Toronto. We are extremely passionate about what we do here. Its not just a job for us, here, it is much much more. 

Q: What is the lead time between ordering and receiving?

A:  We only sell to and service Canada and use Canada post. The shipping options for 1-3 days or 1-7 days are provided at checkout. These times represent the time it takes to reach customers after an order has shipped ( NOT after the order is placed) We usually ship out after an order is placed usually within a 2 day time frame. After we ship out however, certain specific situations such as holidays or global pandemics may cause service disruptions.

Q: What should exway riders do for service, repair and warranty work?

A: Always reach out to exwaycanada@gmail.com to start a work ticket for any repair or warranty request before hand. This email is the official communication channel to initiate service although riders can always engage with Exway team members on the street or on social media for general question and advice. Remember that if you have an issue you must contact rider support through the email and not via social media.

Q: Can the board be pushed like a regular skate when the drives are not in use ? (i.e. off or not engaged)

A: Yes, Exway hub motors are designed to offer minimal drag. The motors on the X1 Pro are slightly more advanced and offer less drag than the X1. The same is true of the X1 Max over the X1 Pro. However all belt motors do offer significant drag to the point where one may rather carry the deck than push it.

Q: How waterproof are Exway decks?

A:  Exway decks are NOT waterproof, but rather water resistant to IP55 standards.This means that if the board gets wet it will not fry and stop working. IP55 means that the board is not sealed and moisture can seep in over time. Prolonged exposure to water either by riding in the rain or allowing the board to remain wet after a ride will ensure that water will eventually make its way in to the electronics and ruin it.

For the electronics, riding over puddles is ok but never submerge the board. In regards to water damage, riding in the rain is not recommended. Riding on wet roads (post rain) is generally ok for the components  (not for the bearings) but be sure to dry the board as soon as you can. If the motors ( hub or RIOT) become wet, run the motors for 2 minutes to remove any water and wipe the board dry. Remember that apart from the electronics, water WILL damage your bearings and this is true of any skateboard electic or otherwise. Motor bearings while replaceable, are not as easy a task as replacing bearings in your standard skateboard wheel.

Additional water resistance features in the X1 Pro aim to make the board even more resistant and tough against moisture but Esk8 and wet riding is generally never a good mix.

Q: What is the maximum carry load of the Exway board?

A: Our boards have been tested with loads up to 136.08 kg (300 lbs) and can definitely handle the weight structurally. Of course distance, torque and battery consumption will vary based on factors such as rider weight.

Q: How are Exway boards with airplane travel?

A: As of 2021 no Exway board meets the International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines for air travel which include UN38.3 certification and a battery capacity of under 160Wh. However, airlines are free to adopt their own policies and we suggest confirmation with your airline prior to travel.  The X1 Pro has a battery capacity of 193Wh and would not be certified for air travel. The Flex has a battery capacity of 259Wh and is also not certified for air travel. The WAVE has a battery capacity of 2019Wh and is also not certified for air travel. A Travel freindly battery option for the WAVE is due for release in late 2020.

Q: Is the battery replaceable?

A: Yes. The battery life of Exway boards is 500 cycles. After 500 cycles, the battery will still have more than 70% power.  If you need to replace the battery, please contact your retailer. Proper battery maintenance and care can actually allow a rider to well exceed 500 charge cycles, conversely poor care and neglect can result in premature performance drop. Riders, beware, take care of your Exway so it can take care of you.

Q:What is the Speed limiter placed on Exway boards?

A: Exway skateboards have an applied software speed limiter much like cars. This software limits how fast the engines will run considering performance, and wear. When you first receive your Exway board the software limits your speed to 25km/h for the first 10 km. After that, a broader range of performance becomes available and can be set and customized through the app.

While the Exway slogan is "born for freedom", freedom comes with responsibility. Please consider the safety of both yourself and others when riding. Always consider local laws and regulations when you set your performance preferences, as well as when and where you choose to ride.

Q: What is the RIOT pack?

A: The RIOT pack is an alternate belt driven drivetrain. It is  developed and compatible now with all Exway decks, although you need to select the correct version of the RIOT drive for your deck depending on whether it is an X1 series deck, a WAVE, FLEX or ATLAS. A belt driven drive train is used in place of hub motors and offers a smoother ride, much higher torque and the option to use various standard longboard racing wheels. The RIOT pack is an option for those who already own the standard Hub version of their Exway skateboard and remains a very rare feature not seen in most other electric skateboard designs.

Q: Hub vs RIOT?

The question of Belt drives vs Hubs has been around since the Hub drive arrived as an alternative to the belt drive. Our history with drive trains actually began with the hub drives. We released the X1 in 2018 as a niche design with a hub drive as an alternative to most decks on the market which were belt only. We realized quickly that while we improved the hub drive, hub vs belt was always going to be a matter of performance trade offs and would remain a matter of preference. For that reason all of our decks are available in both variations and whichever variant you choose, you are able to swap drives in the future. In the case of most other brands, the deck you choose will be either Hub or Belt from the day you order till the day the deck is done as most other esk8 ESC cannot handle both systems, only one or the other.

Q: Why are prices more expensive at Exway Canada?

Exway Canada prices are set by Exway Global in Shenzhen and regional branches of Exway are not in competition with one another. Price variances between countries reflect the different costs involved in bringing any product to market. Each country has its own laws, regulations, taxes, fees and currency (fluctuating exchange rates) and sales volumes, all of which are factored in when setting prices. As a result Exway Canada prices are different than that of other countries, in some cases more expensive and in others cheaper, depending on which countries are being compared.

In general Exway Canada follows the same seasonal sales as Exway global, in addition to this, we will have sales and discounts specific to our shop based on our stock situation. This will also happen at other Exway shops around the world with the result being that sometimes we might be more expensive, and sometimes we might be cheaper.

Exway Canada prices reflects the cost of doing business i.e. making this product available in Canada. We at Exway Canada know this to be true, but ultimately our prices are set by Exway HQ with a situation not unlike other brands like Apple computers.

Q: Why don't coupon codes from youtubers work on Exwaycanada.ca?

As Youtuber coupon codes do not work on Exway shops outside of USA they do not work in Canada. Exwayboard.com ( USA/CHINA) has set up a special program to work with Youtubers but only in and only for the USA. Exway distribution outside the USA bears great differences in circumstance that like our prices, do not always compare directly to the the United States nor should they be.