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Welcome to the Canadian Pre order campaign for the Exway Wave NASA edition.The Wave NASA is a limited edition WAVE with only 199 units available globally and to which Canada has been allotted 5 on this first production run. Each Wave NASA will bear its own unique ID number. Features and details can be found further below.

Order notes:

Riders must place a pre order with a full payment to secure their Wave NASA while supplies last.

Arrival of the Wave NASA from our production team in Shenzhen to our Toronto office is projected to be approximately the end of December 2022 as a general estimate.

After the decks arrive in Toronto and complete pre ship out checks, they will then be shipped to each individual rider’s door with tracking information for this final delivery provided as each order goes out.

The Wave NASA is exempt and independent of any other promotions. i.e. boxing day specials.

Arrival times / Delays:

While the arrival time for the deck shipment to Toronto is estimated as being the end of December, it may be delayed by global and domestic shipping conditions. Be prepared for possible delays.

More accurate and specific updates to arrival time will be announced as the shipment gets closer to arrival.