Exway Atlas Carbon

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Please read before ordering

1) The ATLAS is about to ship its first production batch with an ETA for pre order customers being roughly end of August. (ETA last updated June 15th)

2) Limited stock remaining from the pre order will be available around the same time

3) Any back orders placed will be filled from the second batch of production Atlas with ETA of end of AUGUST.

4) Regular stock shipping from Toronto will be available along with the coming of the second batch. 

5) Additional Atlas accessories will become available soon. Product pages will begin to go live as accessories become available. Please contact rider support for additional details.

 Atlas Variants Spec chart


Exway Atlas

The Atlas is a high performance, all purpose, modular electric skateboard capable of running a dual drive train as well as an ultra powerful quad motor monster drivetrain.

The Atlas features a highly customizable platform to suit individual preferences, from powertrain to motor controller, to battery. On road or off road, dial in your perfect ride and unleash your imagination.