Terms and conditions

1) In general, payment refunds are only available for orders that have not been processed and shipped. i.e. All sales are final. Please be very certain that you want one of our decks before you order one. Exway rider support is on hand to answer all questions and make everything perfectly clear before purchase.

2) Returned items must be in new unused condition in order to be accepted, at the very least returns on boards if authorized, must not have been ridden, i.e. the wheels have not touched the road.

3) Where applicable, a 5% restocking fee and shipping fees will be charged on cancelled orders that have already been shipped to the customer should a return of this nature be authorized.

4) Purchased items that have been used cannot be returned however any functionality issues will be handled by our customer support team, based in Toronto, Canada. Under warranty we will repair or replace, but will not returns.

Exway Canada pulls hard for the rider and will always try to accommodate and take into consideration specifics on a case by case basis. Riding our decks is inherently dangerous even when operating properly. Many factors can and do  lead to serious injury and even death. Every person who rides and Exway electric skateboard accepts this risk when they ride. Every rider must understand that malfunctions and injuries occur and the extent of physical injury and damage is not a factor that authorizes returns and refunds. Electric skateboards are inherently dangerous. The only way to ensure absolute safety is to not ride a skateboard.




Like many other brands and manufactures, Exway products are mass produced. Like other brands and manufactures, Exway products undergo standard quality assurance checks. Unfortunately despite best efforts, there will always be a percentage of defective parts or products that get by quality assurance checks, and this is why warranties exist. Warranties are a way to protect the customer from defects in manufacturing and a way for the manufacturer to take responsibility for the products made and sold.

 If there is any part of any Exway product that was not produced correctly or that had any issues from the factory, the warranty commitment from Exway is that we would respond by correcting such mistakes either by repair or replacement (whichever is deemed most appropriate by Exway) with the goal of restoring the product to its intended level of performance.

 The Warranty represents our responsibility to the customer where factory defects are concerned. As we cannot be responsible for what riders will do to or with our products, our warranty does not include or cover any damage that is caused by the rider. i.e. any damage that is beyond our control.

 The warranty period therefor represents a predetermined length of time for any defects to make themselves known so that they may be addressed. If an Exway product has no defects, the quality of our builds and the quality of the components used is quite high and will most likely last a very long time.

We at Exway advise riders to ride their decks as much as they can during the warranty period in order to work out any issues if they exist so that we can take care of it. If any Exway product is proven to be problem free beyond the warranty runs out, this means that there were no defects and the quality of these parts will last a long time as we the brand and manufacturer had intended.


Warranties for Exway products are always administered by the shop from which you purchased. As each Exway shop in each country only sells to people in that country, and since Exway currently does not produce an airplane friendly skateboard, there is rarely a situation where an Exway deck from one country finds itself in another and in need of service. If such a situation occurs, the rider must still contact the shop from which the product was purchased. Exway Canada may well end up being the ones to repair your deck but the service call must be initiated and administered from the shop of purchase.

Coverage period and requirements

The warranty starts on the date of purchase, based on the invoice and is valid for 6 months for X1 series boards, Wave, and Atlas. The warranty period for Flex is 12 months.

Customers must be able to provide proof of purchase via an invoice from any Authorized reseller.

Replacement parts are available for sale post warranty should the need arise.

Warranty transfers ( between owners)

Warranties do not transfer over to the new rider should the warranty holder decide to sell off their board before the warranty is out. The warranty is a commitment between the distributor i.e. Exway Canada  and the customer who placed the order.

Warranty covers

-the deck, motors, trucks, ESC, remote, and charger

Warranty does not cover

-Wheels / Bearings / Bushings / Grip Tape are considered wear and tear items

-Damage caused by improper use, improper maintenance, water or moisture   damage or improper storage.

- Any damage outside of normal wear and tear including collisions

- Damage caused by repairs of the product. i.e. if a rider attempts a repair and causes damage in the process. ( if any rider is attempting a repair, please reach out for guidance and support, we are here to help)

Shipping rule under warranty

-all shipping for repairs under warranty are covered by Exway Canada

- When a repair ticket is initiated it may not be clear whether the issue is covered under warranty. We typically will cover the shipping to our repair center but if it is later determined that the issue is not covered by warranty, the cost of shipping to us will be invoiced back to the rider and the cost of shipping the deck back will also be covered by the rider.

Legality of Electric skateboards in Canada


As of the time of this writing, it can be said that the legality of operating electric skateboards in Canada is in somewhat of a grey zone. The purchase, ownership and sale of electric skateboards in Canada is absolutely legal, however the operation of electric skateboards may be regulated and regulated differently from region to region. It is up to the rider to follow or ignore rules or regulations. Any outcomes stemming from any rider's behaviour or decisions are the sole responsibility of the rider as Exway Canada and all affiliates have no control over riders and therefore no responsibility for any legal issues stemming from any law or regulation dealing with electric skateboard operation as it pertains to any rider.