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The Atlas Pro is similar to the current Atlas carbon but for a few major improvements:

What is new on the Atlas Pro:
  • New battery pack consisting of 4000mAh Lishen 21700 Li-Ion cells in 12S4P configuration
  • Compatibility with the soon to be release AUX battery pack
  • 3rd Generation redesigned ESC - note: will only work with the new Exway APP releasing mid August
  • R3 remote, redesigned internal circuitry and logic board for improved performance - note: R3 remote is only compatible with the Atlas Pro at this time.

Atlas Pro Mars Rover Edition

The Atlas Pro Mars Rover edition is the result of a special collaboration between Exway Global and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the United States. Due to some imposed limitations of this partnership, the Mars Rover edition Atlas Pro was until recently not available to Exway Canada. Recent developments have made 5 units available as of August. 

The NASA Mars rover edition of the Atlas holds the same specifications as the 4WD Atlas pro but has a white carbon fiber body and the officially licensed Nasa Mars Rover detailing.