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Atlas Pro release notes

Important- please read before ordering
Pre order campaign

The Atlas pro is currently on a pre order campaign, meaning that orders are placed for a product which is still in production and being brought to market for the first time ever. As such there are special conditions and considerations for shipping times, availability and strict no refund policy in place which are unlike products regularly available from Exway Canada. Please read carefully and be absolutely certain before committing to this campaign and placing an order.

Shipping and arrival time

The Atlas Pro will ship from our Toronto office and Canadian customers will start receiving the Atlas Pro mid September.  While this is the projected arrival time, all times are approximate and subject to change given the typical external factors such as production delays or changing pandemic conditions.

Depending on your location in Canada shipping fees may vary, a 100 CAD flat rate shipping fee will be charged for the pre order and the actual costs will be calculated with any excess or overcharges refunded once the decks arrive and shipping details are worked out on individual orders.


For this campaign supplies of the initial batch of Atlas Pro for Canada are limited to 20 units of the 4WD variant and 20 units of the 2WD variant. The pre order campaign will continue only while supplies last. Subsequent production batches of the Atlas pro will become a regularly stocked item selling under regular non pre order conditions along side all other Exway products and shipping out of the Toronto office.

Free Pro skate backpack

All participants in the Atlas Pro pre order campaign will receive a free Pro Skate Backpack which is a feature rich harness/backpack to carry the Atlas as well as any skateboard. The Pro Skate backpack will not be shipped at the same time as the Atlas but may come a little bit later. Additional details and updates will be posted closer to September.

UPDATED: Atlas Pro NASA Mars Rover edition**

The Atlas Pro Mars Rover edition is the result of a special collaboration between Exway Global and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the United States. Due to some imposed limitations of this partnership, the Mars Rover edition Atlas Pro was until recently not available to Exway Canada. Recent developments have made 5 units available as of August. 

The NASA Mars rover edition of the Atlas holds the same specifications as the 4WD Atlas pro but has a white carbon fiber body and the officially licensed Nasa Mars Rover detailing.

The Atlas Pro is similar to the current Atlas carbon but for a few major improvements:

What is new on the Atlas Pro:
  • New battery pack consisting of 4000mAh Lishen 21700 Li-Ion cells in 12S4P configuration
  • Compatibility with the soon to be release AUX battery pack
  • 3rd Generation redesigned ESC - note: will only work with the new Exway APP releasing mid August
  • R3 remote, redesigned internal circuitry and logic board for improved performance - note: R3 remote is only compatible with the Atlas Pro at this time.