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Availability Notice!!

The WAVE is currently sold out of both variants, all orders from now on-wards will be back orders to be filled on a first come first serve priority when we restock.  Conservative estimates have us receiving stock by July/August. (Updated June 14th) Back orders can be cancelled and refunded as long as the order has not already been shipped i.e. if the order is already on its way to the rider.

Contour, Power, Flow......

The all new Wave is Exway's entry into the short board category and represents our 3rd design behind the X1 Pro and Flex.

Featuring a 30 inch ( 29.92") length deck design with curves that trace the rails of the 10.55 inch width platform. Purposefully shaped for foot placement awareness and locked in grip formed into aesthetically pleasing waves.

  • 24 safety sensors connected to the ESC leaving no cell un-monitored.
  • UL certified multi layer software and hardware protection circuit
  • Sony VCT6 high capacity 18650 cells with high discharge rate for strong performance and better reliability
  • High precision galvanometer monitors battery to within 2 percent for better accuracy and consistency
  • Long term storage automatically engages to preserve longevity
  • Swappable design with certified IP55 water resistance
        Technical Specifications

        Max Speed: 38Kph / 23mph

        Battery Capacity: 216Wh
        Max Climbing Grade: 25%      Grip: 3mm foam grip tape
        Range: 24km / 15 miles Trucks: Exway Trist (7")
        Weight: 6.9kg / 15lbs Water resistance: IP53
        Max power: RIOT 2 - 4.3Nmx2 / Hub 3.8Nmx2 Charge time: 3h standard charger / 1.25hours with fast charger
        Motor power rating: 1000w x 2 Rated Charge Power: 430W x2
        Rated Charger power: 430 x 2 Warranty: 6 months
        Package contents: Wave deck, skate tool, standard charger. manual, remote throttle

        Purchase and warranty

        Exway Canada exists to serve Canadian customers and represents the Canadian arm of Exway. While it is still possible for Canadians to order directly from Exwayboard.com (or any other global region of Exway)  we are separate shops and do not share customer data bases. It is both the wish of Exwayboard.com and Exway Canada that customers living in Canada shop with us for the best after sales experience.

        If you have a warranty service call you must contact the exact shop from which you purchased your items. Exway Canada will try to help Canadian customers of Exwayboard.com however we must prioritize our own customers so please consider this when deciding which shop to place your order.