Riding Esk8 comes with inherent risks of severe injury and death. Riders can and have died from riding esk8. The risks of esk8 center on the speeds at which riders are able to achieve with no training and no barriers, this in itself is a great risk. This is compounded by external factors such as road conditions, the behavior of others in the riding environment as well as possible deck malfunctions as caused by the rider or by defective components.

Exway has built many safety and reporting systems into the decks  and include a battery management system  and intelligent ESC with reporting systems to alert the rider when something is not right. These systems are only effective if riders are responsible and able to heed the warnings and make the appropriate decision as to ride or not. The joint goal of rider safety also relies on other rider-centric responsibilities such as wearing proper protection i.e. helmet is a must, pads, guards, etc. As the brand Exway is able to build the best deck that they can, include safety features and constantly monitor and improve, the brand absolutely cannot predict or control rider behaviour.

Any rider on esk8 accepts the risks i.e. riders order or ride electric skateboards of their own volition. While Exway the manufacture works hard to mitigate rider risk, the safest way to not be injured or killed on an electric skateboard is to not ride electric skateboards.

As skaters ourselves, we treat accidents seriously and with empathy. We ride the same decks, take the same falls, and suffer many injuries on skateboards, we know well what its like. We believe that riders should understand that just as with regular skateboarding, with esk8, falling is also inevitable and serious injury is possible and sometimes even probable. It is therefore important to be ready for when it happens.

If a rider is unable to come to a complete stop without using the remote throttle, they are considered to be riding beyond their ability. Like regular skateboarding the majority of accidents happen due to people riding outside their ability. Loss of control is a major cause of accidents, the addition of an electric power train multiplies the severity of any accident. What might have been a sprain riding a regular skateboard could be a fracture on esk8 simply due to the higher average speeds.

The ability to come to a stop without the use of the remote is a vital skill and if riders do not learn, they will more likely be riding beyond their ability and have less manual control when there is loss in throttle response for any reason.

Please consider this warning and exercise discretion when riding. Exway does its best for its customers but finally cannot be responsible for any injuries or damages from the use of its products. Electric skateboarding is inherently dangerous in a similar way that motorcycles and bikes are dangerous. If safety is top priority, the best bet is to not ride an electric skateboard.


Exway Canada Rider support team