Exway aquires its own factory.

Exway aquires its own factory.

Since last season, Exway has finally acquired and set up its own factory. Gone are the days of sharing with and bidding against other brands for production runs. This is not like a brand with its headquarters in one country building products at a generic third party factory in another far off country, but rather a brand building its own products in its own dedicated factory next door to its own HQ. 

We are very happy to share that having our own factory means increased control and tighter monitoring over every aspect of production, supply and quality for our riders. Having tools, machinery and staff that are dedicated to what we do also ensures that things run more smooth. We also get to decorate the place however we like.

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    Thank you for sharing such an interesting article on start skateboard own factory .I Enjoys daily while taking cup of tea ,your blog is very informative .thanks for sharing

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