Exway Canada rider modification feature: Landyahtz Malahat x Flex Drive train

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Exway Canada rider modification feature: Landyahtz Malahat x Flex Drive train

At rider support we sometimes get riders who want to motorize their favourite longboard.  At Exway Canada we are interested in rider driven ideas and initiatives and encourage riders to experiment. As we typically throw our support behind such projects by consulting and providing guidance with our electronic systems. i.e. the non skateboard parts of the eks8, we encourage riders to reach out to us if they have questions. Its always better to ask and get as much info as you can before you void warranty or damage any components.

As many of us here also ride longboards we are familiar both with the electronic components as well as likely whatever longboard a rider might be working with.

There were a few of us on the team that were fixated on the idea of turning our favourite push deck electric and had looked to options such as the Unlimited x Loaded USA drive train. As of this writing, Exway modular systems have reached a point where they can be transplanted onto other boards without the trade offs that systems like Unlimited may carry. Exway systems are on the one hand modular, but on the other hand also designed specifically around the decks that we make so this kind of drive train transplanting would be as smooth as it could be but not absolutely easy either as you will see....


Around the end of 2022 we had a rider Matthew Loos from Kingston Ontario, reach out to us with the idea of transplanting the Flex RIOT drive train, onto his favourite push deck, the Landyahtz Malahat. He consulted with us and we worked with him through out his project. We exchanged over 40 emails maybe even more.

Landyahtz Malahat



Matthew selected the Flex based on its specifications. It was interesting to see that he really considered everything when deciding on the Flex. Many simply go for the most powerful and the longest range, but this ignores the skateboard part of the equation. It is important that on top of providing adequate range and power, that the deck does not weigh a ton and lose its portability, convenience and handling. Adequate is important but in this case going over the top comes with costs in increased carry weight and tougher road handling, this choice was in our opinion the best for this project. Great choice Matt!


From the Flex, the rear ESC and main battery were removed, and the connecting power cable down the center of the deck was disconnected to separate the drive train into these three components. The Landyahtz was measured out for the components to be installed. i.e. drill holes, alignment etc.

Landyahtz wires crossed

Initially there were issues with arranging the motor cables that run from each motor to the ESC. Some finessing and creativity was required. Eventually the motor cables were arranged the way you see below:

The RIOT motors were reverse mounted and the power cable connected via the belly of the deck. Not the best look but functional. Shortly afterwards, it was decided that a cleaner look could be achieved with a bit more work.

One option was to copy what Exway does with the Flex by creating a shallow channel down the center of the deck from the top. This was eventually done but sadly it cost him the beautiful Landy grip tape. After it was completed the power cable is now hidden in the same way that it is on the Flex itself.

Landyahtz malahat modified

The top of the deck now looks like this:

The rubber wheels and pulleys were as easy as finding the matching pulley from Exway and installing.

Finally, as we reconnected with Matt regarding posting this article, he provided us with comment and update images of his most recent finessing of motor cables. His deck now looks like this:

motor cables tucked

We were told that this was achieved by changing the angle of the Trist truck from 45 degrees to 50 degrees using angled risers! This allowed more space under the motors and then allowed the cables to be placed as they would be on the Flex without being crushed by the motors. It is interesting to note that we at Exway had the same problem when designing the Flex. Originally the motor cables were fine during testing but then for heavier riders we found that the motors began to touch and sometimes crush the cables. Our solution was to change the angle of the motor mounts. Easy to do when you are designing it all from the ground up.

Matthew on the other hand had to get creative since he was working only with what he had. It is interesting to note that he arrived at this after weeks of working on it. The solution was not clear from the start and came to him over time. Such is the problem solving and creative solutions aspect of these kinds of heavy mods.

Matthew goes on to say:

"This was a very fun project board and I'm sure I will continue to make changes to it as I discover what I need from it. If you have the tools and knowledge to do this, and have a favorite type of board like I do, then I recommend taking this custom approach. I have dealt with many e-skate companies over the years and Exway Canada have been by far the most supportive and responsive to my needs. Whether it was shipping arrangements, technical questions, component expertise, and even reassurances of safety, their support has gone beyond my expectations."

If riders have questions about such projects please contact us at Exwaycanada@gmail.com. We do not provide customization services at this time and there may be issues of warranty depending on what any rider plans to do with their deck, but we are on hand to consult, should riders have technical questions about how components work or work together, warranties, and things to look out for.

It is important to understand that our systems were designed to work a certain way with specific set ups. When you begin to customize, this will change the way the entire system performs. In general we do not recommend that you do such things unless you know what you are doing or are prepared for unexpected outcomes.

We certainly hope to see more of these kinds of projects so we can post them here and share! Feel free to comment or hit us up with any questions you may have.





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