Introducing ACE drive

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Introducing ACE drive

Exway’s high-performance department Ace Lab has been hard at work behind the scenes developing the Ace Gear Drive, an incredibly heavy-duty and powerful all-terrain drivetrain for the Atlas Pro.

About Ace Lab:
Ace Lab is a specialized division of Exway responsible for customizations and designing high-performance electric mobility products. Representing the highest standards of Exway, Ace Lab creates the Ace product line as well as perform specialized customizations for regional customers to turn ideas into reality. Ace Lab is committed to exploring and solving the needs of riders and upholding Exway’s pursuit of excellence.

Exway Ace Gear Drive FAQ

1. What are the benefits of gear drive over belt, hub or direct?
Our gear drive is more suitable for off-roading, with higher efficiency, stronger torque, a sealed housing that keeps out sand and gravel, no belt to break, and is overall more reliable. It is very, very low maintenance – just change the lube once every 1300 miles or 2000 km.

2. Which Exway boards are compatible?
Currently the Exway Ace Gear Drive only works with the Atlas Pro.

3. What wheels are compatible?
Currently the Exway Ace Gear Drive is compatible with Exway’s Precision Hubs only. The tires you can use include Exway’s 160mm all-terrain tires, the 175mm knobby tires, the Venator racing tires, and third party tires within 1.5-2.5 inches in width.

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