The road to roadkill

The road to roadkill

May 18th 2019

A throwback to the launch of the X1 Pro.

In the year that the X1 Pro was introduced. Exway riders in Ontario took the deck out for a rip on some back roads just south of Ottawa.

The X1 Pro is ridden by the Red Panda vs the Boosted V2 is ridden by Boosted Roo. While the Red Panda was about 30 pounds lighter than Boosted Roo, the Boosted board was on a belt system while the X1 Pro was running hub motors. This was an uphill rip just south of Ottawa along some Canadian back roads.


It was time to split!  Didn't take long for a panda and a kangaroo on electric skateboards ripping the hill to attract the attention of the locals.

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