Exway Canada


The story of our team started in 2014 when the founder of Exway Canada, a life long skater got his hands on one of the market's first successful electric skateboards made in the USA. It was a machine that looked good, mainly wowing people with a rarely if ever before seen functional electric skateboard. In Toronto this might have been one of the first few Esk8 to be seen riding around the downtown core. As the years rolled by, others began to be seen riding boards of various designs. The variations, upgrades and new entries into the market were fascinating to see year by year. While most people were still marveling at the mere idea, the search for a proper street performance oriented design that would bring the speed, power, and rush of downhill longboarding to the street was on. The board had to be fast, powerful, stable under pressure, and be sleek and stealthy in its look and feel. There could be no controller boxes or batteries stuck to the bottom of the deck. The board had to be thin, look and feel and respond like an actual downhill longboard and be something that could handle extreme speed, stress and performance.

Over the years our founder had put energy into other Esk8 brands, and gained intimate familiarity with Esk8 design and literally thousands of kilometers of experience as a rider. Being a skater first and not an engineer, the decision was made to search for innovative and like minds to work with. With the speed at which Esk8 was developing it was clear that the market was trending fast towards something he had been waiting for, something he had been searching for and that was Exway.

In the Spring of 2019, Exway Canada was formed and represented the finding and coming together of people of great passion in skateboarding, design, and technology.  Behind the Exway brand is a dedicated team of designers, engineers, and most importantly downhill skaters. There is so much that goes into bringing to market something like what we have here, it takes a lot of hard work and risk to be sure! Our products, the X1 and X1 Pro, represent the absolute pinnacle of Esk8 design and performance.

In 2020 Exway has developed a new deck that represents what the broader and now more developed esk8 market wants. After the development of the X1 series decks focused on what we as skaters wanted and preferred, the Flex represents years of listening and watching what everyday esk8 riders want and is our attempt at delivering on this idea.

While Exway has its roots in skateboarding, we are now gaining legitimacy as a high performance esk8 manufacturer and are now focusing on serving the greater growing market of esk8 riders and sharing new design concepts while utilizing our close relationships with our rider customers to help direct us.

We are Exway Canada like the X1 series decks, we are born of skateboarding, like the Flex, we are.....Born for Freedom!