Exway Canada


The story of our team began in 2014 when our team leader, a life long skater decided to crowd fund the market’s first successful electric skateboard made in the USA. It was a machine that looked good, mainly wowing people with a rarely if ever before seen functional electric skateboard. In Toronto this might have been one of the first Esk8 to be seen riding around the downtown core. As the years rolled by other decks of various designs both good and bad began to emerge.

It became obvious that Esk8 was being approached from two directions, the tech / engineering side, and then the skateboard side. It became clear that the majority of focus was coming from the tech side reducing emphasis on the skateboard aspect and mainly catering to non skaters. During this time our team began to form around Exway Global, a relatively new brand from Shenzhen China that was itself comprised of downhill skaters and engineers.

In the Spring of 2019 Exway Canada was established in Toronto as we understood that Exway at its very core is as skate minded as we are. We made the commitment to working with Exway Global and set off to compete in a growing sea of esk8 manufactures and brands. What would set us apart from other brands is that we will always remain skate minded. Exway designs in 2018 and 2019 represent our niche, which is esk8 that ride and feel like real downhill longboards. While other brands were heading in directions away from skateboarding and focusing more on micro mobility. Exway would become the esk8 company for skateboarders.

In 2020 the Exway brand was gaining recognition. The market had developed a tight communication between the riders and the brands. In reaction to a growing number of new and uninitiated riders we released the Flex, think of it as a boosted board with all the engineering, design, tech and quality problems fixed.

We then released the WAVE – an innovative short board design touting some amazing and unique engineering innovations such as the ultra secure quick release battery system and on board running lights.

In 2021 Exway released the ATLAS- the much anticipated off road able, long range platform entering the premium Esk8 category.

Steadily year by year Exway has built up its roster of decks covering 4 categories. As a brand, Exway continues to embody our experienced skater preferences as well as heavy input from our rider community into all of our designs. The consistent Exway signature style in all our decks is defined by a focus on skateboard like performance and self service and repair friendly modular components.

As we look to the future, Exway has carved out its own path and has proven to be the right one as our ridership continues to grow. Our riders are becoming more savvy, recognizing and appreciating our design decisions.

Exway Canada, as skate board as Esk8 can be, always skate minded.