Exway GaN Charger

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Ultra compact Mobile Size

58% smaller than the original charger. GaN charger makes our latest charger smaller without sacrificing any power.

 Faster charging, more fun

All New GaN Charger, up to 2x faster than the original chargerWide voltage range for global compatibility

AC 100-240V wide band voltage, conforms to global specifications of input voltage

*Above data is measured by the Exway laboratory. Actual performance will vary based on specific conditions and circumstances.

What is Gallium Nitride?

Gallium Nitride (the chemical formula for this is GaN) is a semiconductor with a crystalline structure which is replacimg silicon in the transistor industry.

Why is Exway using GaN?

  • GaN transistors are smaller
  • carry more power than silicon
  • switches faster (4x faster than silicon)
  • GaN power efficiency is over 95% (silicon is 87%)


All these advancements to produce a much smaller, more efficient and therefore faster charger. Where the Exway fast charger is like a brick, the GaN charger is like a fat mobile phone.