RIOT Pack ver. 1 ( for X1Pro only)

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The RIOT pack consists of only the RIOT belt driven drive train and two black 85mm 80a Exway racing wheels and is for riders who already own an X1 Pro skateboard ( RIOT ver. 1) , a Wave ( RIOT ver. 2) , a Flex ( RIOT ver.2) and/or for generous gift giving family members of Exway riders.


RIOT ver. 1 is the first optional modular belt driven power train system developed exclusively by Exway for the X1 Pro skateboard. With RIOT, the X1 Pro is no longer just a hub motor driven skateboard but rather a platform which supports either a hub or belt driven power train. As with all belt driven systems, a gear ratio exists to provide superior power over the in-hub direct drive system. If you thought the X1 Pro original hub motors were powerful, wait until you try this.



  • High torque
  • 1500 watt x 2 motors 
  • Smoother ride
  • Greater options in wheels
  • Loud
  • Relatively higher maintenance
  • Heavy
  • Visible and obvious (not stealthy)


(Orange wheels for contrast)
Rear view RIOT with orange wheels for contrast



(Orange wheels for contrast)
RIOT pack back view with orange wheels for contrast
Weight: 2.5kg
Max Power: 1500W ×2
Rated Power: 750W ×2
Torque: 5.2 Nm ×2
Belts by Continental (Germany)

Modular design

The entire RIOT power train was designed to be taken apart into modular components. This allows for easy replacement and adjustment of parts such as motor covers, cogs, belts, motor brackets and even the motors themselves.

Greater Compatibility With Industry Recognized Wheels 

Through the various interchangeable cogs designed into RIOT, a growing number of standard longboard street and racing wheels can now be used. Born for freedom also includes freedom of choice.

Various RIOT cogs and compatible industry recognized wheels