Exway OEM All Terrain Cloud wheels ( limited quantities in stock )

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Customized Brand New Core is made from a new formula and material resulting in a superior wheel that is MANY times more durable than the stock Cloudwheel core

The All terrain Clouds are compatible with the Flex RIOT. They are also compatible with the X1 Pro RIOT in that the wheels will fit the pulleys however there will be "wheel bite" limiting the angle at which the board can turn. Risers cannot be used to mitigate this due to the connector cable fit and length on the rear truck power train .


Notes: In order to install cloud wheels, the 5 star pulley for the Flex is necessary. The special motor covers are optional though we do not recommend riding without them as the motors will get destroyed by road debris. The 44t belt is also recommended. With this set up the proper torque is maintained. It is possible to use the standard RIOT 2 belt but  the torque will be reduced and the speedometer and odometer reading may become inaccurate.  All of the necessary and required parts are included in the Combo pack.  But of course each component can be picked up separately.


COMBO pack- Ships with all items depicted in the image for Combo pack



Presently only the 120MM variant is available for order shipping out May 20th together with Flex preorders now ending May 5th. Subsequent orders will be filled closer to end of summer along with the coming availability of the 105 mm Variant.