Exway Cloudwheel Hub Motor Wheels (Donuts) 2 sizes

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The 105mm Exway Donut, is the Cloudwheel option for Hub decks. The Donut is compatible with all Exway Hub drives - X1 Pro, Wave, Flex, and Atlas.

The Donut is a major innovation for Hub decks as a very well designed off road option. The Exway OEM Cloudwheels run a specially designed foam core that dampens road vibrations significantly. The Donut, as with all cloudwheels is ideal for riding unpaved surfaces such as light to medium trails. For Hub decks there is enough urethane and foam to negate the hard and bumpy ride that Hub decks tend to be in exchange for a bit of weight.


At 105mm, the Donuts will be larger than the stock 85mm Exway racing wheels which means that riders will lose a bit of torque in exchange for a slightly faster top speed. For hub decks this change cannot be mitigated with any kind of gearing.