Exway OEM All Terrain Cloud wheels 2 sizes

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Customized Core is made from a new formula and material resulting in a superior wheel that is many times more durable than the iwonder stock Cloudwheel core.



The All terrain Clouds are compatible with all decks running the RIOT belt drive. Compatibility means that the wheels will fit on the deck however there may be "wheel bite" limiting the angle at which the board can turn depending on the set up. I.e. other customizations on the deck.

Depending on which Exway deck is running cloudwheels with various different pulleys and belts, etc, there may be various considerations to be made. Please reach out to Exway Canada rider support for clarity.



  • In order to install cloud wheels, the 6 pin pulley is required. Special motor covers are optional and available.
  • depending on which variation of the 6 pin pulley is being used, various belt lengths may be required.
  • Changing wheel type and size as well as the pulley size has many different effects on deck performance, please reach out to rider support for more info.