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A wide variety of belts are now available for Exway RIOT belt drives. In some cases certain variations are used as direct replacement for stock belts while other variations are used for rider customization options.

The perimeter spec describes the number of bumps on the belt itself and therefore the length of the belt.

The the width spec describes the width of the actual belt, Riot V1 featured on X1 Pro run an 11mm wide belt. While the X1Pro is discontinued, we continue to support it.

255 P is the stock belt size for Flex, Wave, and X1 Max.

340 P is the stock belt size for Atlas running pneumatic tires

280 P is the belt size for Atlas Carbon running Exway racing wheels on a standard 36T pulley. This size is also used for Flex 44t cloudwheel pulleys

360 P is the belt size for Atlas Pro stock set up


Please reference the chart in the product images.


As the number of variations grows to meet rider preferences, please contact rider support if you need further details.