85mm Rear MOTOR SLEEVES (click for variants)

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Set of 2

The Exway racing wheel and polyurethane motor sleeves are poured with a super durable high resilience polyurethane formula designed specifically for the Exway skateboards. The stresses and forces acting on the drive wheels are unlike that of regular skateboards and we are constantly testing and improving our formula. The clear 85mm PU covers represent our second generation formula since the release of the X1 Pro in the summer of 2019 and is currently the most durable and longest lasting ever.

  • stone ground
  • 85mm diameter
  • 54mm contact patch
  • 56mm width
  • 80A durometer
  • core position offset

Remember, the larger the wheels, the better protected your hub motors are and the smoother your ride. The smaller the wheels, the more torque you get and lower top speed. Always remember to enter your wheel size in the Exway board APP, in order to receive proper data and read outs from your board. i.e. speed, distance, etc.

The image depicts the sleeve alongside a wheel, this product is a set of two sleeves only.

All wheels and wheel covers are compatible with Flex, Wave, Atlas and X1 Max, Hub drives.