Kilowatt Charger for Atlas Pro

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    Exway Standard 80Watt Charger x.04 speed
    Exway GaN 210Watt Charger x1 speed
    Exway 1000Watt Charger x5 speed

    Exway smart charge

    voltage, temperature, current, wattage- onboard OLED display presents and updates these values in realtime for convenient monitoring. Adaptive voltage and 3 swappable wallplugs ready for the world.


      Exway Fast Charger Exway GaN Charger Exway KW charger
    voltage 50.4V 50.4V 50.4V
    current 4.00A 4.17A 20A
    power 202W 210W 1008
    power/price 2.27/$ 1.76/$ 3.37/$
    weight 650g 510g 1580g
    power/weight 0.31W/g 0.41W/g 0.64W/g
    length 117mm 150mm 230mm
    width 80mm 75mm 105mm
    height 46mm 26mm 50mm
    volume 651cm2 293cm2 1208cm2
    power density (W/cm2) 0.31W/cm2 0.72cm2 0.83cm2
    110V-240V yes yes yes
    OLED display no no yes
    GaN no yes no
    US plug yes yes yes
    Oceania yes yes yes
    EU plug yes yes yes